Motivational speaker David Castelanelli a Former Youth Ambassador and Youth Coach presented to the Year 11 cohort on February 15th. He is an enthusiastic and remarkable young man who is successfully recognised for establishing his own business advising young adolescents on how to navigate their way through school, based on his own personal experience and subsequent quest for academic success. We welcome David throughout each of the 4 school terms to address the students on different topics that are age-relevant providing proven strategies that are easy to action. Students and parents received an electronic copy of the presenter’s text, Study Secrets which is currently the #1 study book and guide for students across W.A.

These termly workshops are an excellent consolidation to the programme delivered on January 29th to the students by Master Mind Australia presenter Libby Klycz. She delivered insightful methods on how to sequence student learning with new knowledge, providing a variety of practical note-taking methods for assorted learning styles. Top tips on the value of organisation, goal setting and how to engage in active learning were also very worthwhile. The Virtual presentation on the same day, delivered by Nathan Hull was also valuable. His focus targeted motivational tips for students to design your own destiny by adopting a growth mindset; and setting attainable goals, whilst maintaining health and well-being. Many of the resources provided to students will be adapted in House Tutorial to consolidate meaning and segue with our Pastoral philosophy that each child holds the seeds of Greatness within – the core of our School’s pastoral role is to nurture those seeds to flourish and action them into fruition to best meet the needs of all students.

Mrs Christine Hiotis
Head of Year 11