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Science Week

Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science was the school theme for National Science Week in 2019. 

This theme was a way for teachers and their students to discover past missions to the Moon and space programs that have solved some of the seemingly unsolvable problems and current and future space programs, operations and missions. Many of these use big picture thinking in science to solve problems and technology, engineering and mathematics to design new solutions. This will help forge our future paths in the areas of space operations, space science, Earth observations, positioning systems and communications.
As part of Science Week 2019, the Science Department held a Star Gazing & Astronomy Evening on Tuesday August 13, which brought together approximately 50 people to think, explore and reflect on our magnificent universe and beyond.  Special guest, Richard Tonello from Astronomical Education Services brought over 18 years of astronomical knowledge and some mind-blowing information on the distant celestial treasures of the universe into the eyes and minds of students. A 30-minute lecture turned into a 3-hour presentation where students were filled with so many questions and demonstrated their passion on the various constellations, planets and other celestial phenomenon that exist.  The evening certainly sparked the curiosity of all those that attended and the universe was brought to our very own eyes.
On Wednesday August 14, the Student Leadership Team baked some delicious “astronomy” themed cupcakes and muffins for our Science Week Cake Stall.  All proceeds from this venture was donated to two very worthy organisations – The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research & The Salvation Army Food Appeal.
In addition, students participated in daily science quizzes and conducted some “space” practicals including designed your own rocket and volcano and observing some great reactions with liquid nitrogen.  It was fantastic to see so many students getting involved and showing their immense enthusiasm for science.
A huge thank you to the Science Department for their incredibly hard work in assisting me in making Science Week 2019 a big success.  Thank you to Danielle Palmer Smith in the Library for creating “astronomy” badges for all the science staff to wear, Sheena and the café for baking some delicious “asteroid” cookies for the staff morning tea held on Friday August 16 and to all the parents and students for attending our inaugural Star Gazing and Astronomy Evening.

I look forward to another fantastic Science Week in 2020.

Mr Andrew Rasano, Acting Head of Science