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 Senior School ‘O’ Day

The start of the new school year began a little differently from previous years with each year group having a different take on what often are the ‘extras’ that Peter Moyes offers.

All students began the day in House Tutorial, as usual. The new Year 10 students were in their House Tute, where some of them some met their new House Tutor. Here the group were involved with a discussion of the important policies and procedures in the School.

From there, Year 11s split up into smaller groups for a session on Study Skills, Organisation and Time Management. The aim of this is for each student to get the most out of their lessons, keep up with the demands of Year 11 and be provided with structures to assist in drawing up homework routines.

Following the Elevate session, feedback from the Year 11 students was extremely positive. Most said that it was time well spent, that the program is effective and that they enjoyed learning new strategies to improve their grades.

Later in the day, the Year 11s heard firsthand how four successful past students are going in their tertiary studies…what works for them and how success often takes a different route from what they planned previously.

As the students told their stories, Mr Wright linked their journey to the conversations, decisions and career activities our students had received in Year 10, 11 & 12 to where they ended up. Each past student was different, as some knew exactly what they wanted from the beginning, while some changed their pathway along the way. The key concepts the Year 11s took from these talks were to be organised, research your options and ask for help when you are unsure.

In Period 7, the Year 11 students participated in coaching sessions that enable them to identify how to be successful at School and the road blocks that get in the way. The session concluded with the planned steps to take to improve their School performance.

The Year 12s moved off into a full session of workshops, from Period 3 to the end of the day. Led by an esteemed presenter, Paul Salmon, from the Resilience Institute the students covered a range of activities, each with a different focus and flavour, sometimes as a whole group and sometimes in a more intimate smaller groups.  Students where challenged to set achievable goals both for education and in their personal lives.  Paul Salmon was dynamic in his approach to provide students with the skills to develop resilience and make thoughtful and wise choices. Some staff members shared with the students, intimate and poignant moments in their own lives where they had stumbled and struggled along the path of Life and how resilience, goal setting and a positive mindset enabled them to bounce back and carry on. The students were very respectful and supportive of not only the staff members, but also their fellow students, who spoke. Many positive lessons were learned by all.

The day held some time for beginning new course work – Year 10 students spent time in class for Periods 3, 4 and 5. Year 11s spent time in class for Periods 4 and 5. All Senior School students had lunch at the earlier time, with the Year 7 students. First day back from holidays would have found some hungry students, with lunch at the normal time of 12.50 pm!

Year 10s ended the day with activities focussed on team building and a challenge of an Amazing Race.

Students worked with others in their new House groups to complete a range of activities that included having them race around the School while utilising the different strengths of individuals in their teams.  It offered the Year 10 students an introduction to the House system in Senior School and getting to know those with whom they will be working alongside in coming years, while having some fun and engaging in some friendly competition.

Peter Moyes provides a rounded education for all our senior students. Life skills are just one of the wonderful opportunities given to our Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students. It is what makes our school different and sets a PMACS student apart.

Mrs Natalie Shaw

Associate Principal - Senior School

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