Brady Reynolds (Year 9) HAS FINISHED MATHS PATHWAY! Only 0.09% of all Maths Pathway users achieve this milestone, putting Brady in a pretty exclusive club. Earlier this term he mastered the last of the over 400 modules, thus grasping the entire mathematics curriculum, including the advanced Year 10A course. Brady conquered Maths Pathway in only two years of working through all the modules.

Brady has received a Certificate of Achievement from Maths Pathway, and a Letter of Congratulations from the Co-founder, thanking Brady for the work and effort that he has placed into studying maths. We asked Brady to comment on this achievement.

“Maths Pathway has provided me with a variety of unique learning opportunities that I would never have been exposed to using the traditional ‘textbook’ approach to learning maths. The Maths Pathway program has enabled me to explore a variety of different mathematical concepts at my own pace and completing it has opened several different doorways for me, such as being able to begin methods next year. Overall, I have found Maths Pathway an excellent program, and firmly believe that it has equipped me with a number of skills that I otherwise would have never had the opportunity to learn.”

Well done Brady!!

PMACS Mathematics Department.