After months of preparation everyone’s plans came to a halt, Covid-19 lockdown had hit Perth and the thought of our Ball that week would cease to exist. However due to the immense effort put in by Mrs Swain and some wonderful parent volunteers we were able to reschedule everything for the 20th of February which was only 15 days later.

We think all the teachers would agree that during the first two weeks of school people were struggling to concentrate on anything other than the Ball and excitement was running throughout the cohort as the lead up to the ball began.

The day of the ball had arrived, and everyone was up bright and early in order to make it to appointments for the night, some girls started getting ready at 8am and some of the boys not starting until an hour before the Ball but regardless, when 6.30pm came around everyone in the foyer of Joondalup Resort looked absolutely breathtaking. 

After mingling in the foyer and talking to a few special people whom we hadn’t seen in a while, doors opened into the ballroom at 7pm and everyone made a grand entrance through a stunning balloon arch and took a seat at our allocated tables. For quite a moment everyone was just sitting at the tables in awe of the amazing ballroom, but it wasn’t long until people noticed the delicious appetizers that soon disappeared.

After a lovely welcome from our Head Boy and Girl and a blessing from Rev. Deeny it was time for dinner. Joondalup Resort put on a lovely spread of food which everyone enjoyed.

Once our meals had settled, it wasn’t long before people started to trickle onto the dance floor and soon enough the majority of the cohort was out there bouncing around to Flo Rida.

With a few pauses for pictures, dessert and water breaks, the rest of the evening seemed to be full of dancing, laughing and memories which we will all cherish forever.

On behalf of the entire Year 12 cohort we would like to give a massive thanks to everyone that made our magical night possible, that includes Joondalup Resort, parent helpers, entertainment, past and present teachers that attended the night and of course the amazing Mrs Swain; the night just wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible amount of organising, planning and then re-organising that she has done over the last year. We cannot express how much we appreciate all of your efforts.

Just for one last thank you, we would like to thank us, the Year 12’s. We chose to make the night special and everyone was on board; I think we will all treasure that night throughout our lifetime.