Peter Moyes Year 6 students Andiswa Mukobo, Lilly Beckwith, Aiden Waddell and Oliver Mills recently participated in The Law Society of Western Australia’s Cluedunnit Contest as the Fast and The Curious team.

The contest aims to weave understandings of both law and order and ethics with critical thinking and creativity. The students had to investigate a fictitious criminal offence, with the goal of identifying the prime suspect through the successive release of clues, if they posed the correct questions which unlocked more physical and forensic evidence.

The team’s highly creative winning submission was a clever Pop Up Book which revealed how the evidence and witness statements proved beyond a reasonable doubt who was guilty. They successfully analysed both the crime and the attendant sentencing options under the law, in an engaging, entertaining format.

The awards ceremony which was held at the Perth Children’s Court on Thursday 30###sup/sup### July, was hosted by Judge Quail, the President of the Court and attended by the other judges: Mr Steven Heath, the Chief Magistrate of Western Australia; Professor Robert Cunningham, Dean, Curtin University Law School; Dr Andrew Lu, OAM, Partner HBA Legal; Mrs Claire Rossi, Legal Aid WA; Sergeant Garry Corker, WA Police and Mr Ante Golem, Council Member, Law Society of WA.

The students were honoured to receive their winning medals and a plaque and to be given an interesting guided tour of the Children’s Court by Judge Quail. They thanked the Law Society and Curtin University who sponsor the event for giving them the opportunity to explore aspects of the law in a fun project.