Selecting courses for Year 11 is an important part of the life of all Year 10 students.

This year has been difficult with restrictions seeing none of our normal calendared items such as Parent Teacher and Subject Information evenings for Year 10 families going ahead. As well as that, we have not been able to meet as a whole Year 10 cohort to have guest presenters outline the options available to our Year 10s at Year Assemblies.

What the COVID pandemic has given us is an opportunity to tackle these conundrums in another way with an inspirational and positive outcome.

Our Heads of Department and their teachers accepted this challenge by creating a series of short subject videos to support the Subject Selection Information 2021 document published earlier this term. It has been heart-warming to see many Year 11 and Year 12 students and classes being involved in the making of the videos, totalling over 50 Year 11 courses on selection to our Year 10 students.

The student voice in each video is exactly that – the student voice about their course, unscripted by the teacher presenting the information. Year 11 provides each student to select their direction for the next two years of their secondary schooling. The advantages of this ownership are clear to see in every student featured in the videos. All the students are tremendous ambassadors of the School; if one of these students is your child, I know that you will be just as proud of them.

I commend the videos for your viewing, whether you are a parent of a student in Year 10 or not.

The link to the Subject Selection videos are:

Natalie Shaw
Associate Principal Senior School