Our Term Honour Awards Assembly was held with only Year 10 -12 students present due to restrictions, but it was lovely to have an Honours Award Assembly for the first time this year and to have parents attend too.

The Assembly recognised the achievements of our students across the term and had a cultural focus as we presented achievement awards to students across language, music, art and drama. Casey Garces provided a musical interlude, performing a vocal piece that was outstanding. 

The Honours Awards are presented to a male and female student in both Middle and Senior School and is a prestigious award given to students who demonstrate the School Values and have particularly achieved their personal best.

The School Values Award is a new award for 2020 and will be presented to either a male or a female student in each year level, each term, by their Head of Year. It will be awarded to a student who consistently demonstrates one or more of the School Values – Faith, Excellence, Compassion, Respect, Responsibility and Courage.

Congratulations to all our Term Three Award winners.

Middle School Honours Award:

April Gomm

Kye Jones

Senior School Honours Award:

Nicole Bothma

Daniel Holding

School Values Award:

Year 7              Daniel Woolford

Year 8              Tyler Humphries

Year 9              Luke Foster

Year 10            Kirra Dawe

Year 11            Louie Oakes

Year 12            Holly Marshall

Colours & Honours Awards:

The School wishes to recognise the outstanding and exceptional achievement of its students in a variety of School activities - Academic, Cultural and Sporting- through enabling students to be awarded Colour and/or Honour Awards for these achievements. The School also wishes to recognise those students who provide outstanding service to the School by the granting of Service Awards. This term the following students were awarded Colours or Honours:

Service Colours:                                                                    

Noah Carey

Kane Fisher

Ryan Gilling

Eleanor McNamara

Erynn Morrissey

Madeleine Redhead

Travis Woolley

Leon Zahos

Cultural Colours:

Joscelyn Melendez – Music

Casey Garces – Music

Naomi Denston – Music

Atidaishe Gohwa – Music

Louie Reglar – Music

Jacob Miles – Music

Bobby Yang – Music

Dylan Sheikhzadeh - Music

Grace Mitchell – Music

Cultural Honours:

Amy MacDonald – Music

Cheranne Heyworth – Art