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​The 2019 ‘Language Ambassadors’ are announced!

We are privileged in our School to learn Indonesian, a language through which we can connect with our closest neighbour, Indonesia and its rich culture.

The word “Connect” here is key in Communication. The way we connect with others is important and language is a fantastic medium through which we can connect with other people, be it here in Australia or in another country.

As we explore a new language and culture, we naturally draw comparisons with what is most familiar to us. For example, teenagers in Bali are curious to know about teenagers in Australia; whether they like for example doing the same activities such as listening to music, hanging out with their friends or getting up late on weekends. Thereby, learning about another culture sheds light on aspects of our own culture—both positive and negative—that we may not have previously considered.

It gives me great pleasure to announce our Year 9 Indonesian language ambassadors for 2019. The role of the Indonesian Language Ambassadors is to assist in Middle School Language activities, encourage and demonstrate the benefits of language learning.

These 6 students have been nominated as a result of their excellent connection with learning Indonesian in Year 7 and Year 8.

Rita Phobubpa, Samantha Buckingham, Hayley Greig, Jake Woodman, Cormac Hall, Oscar Van Doom

We congratulate these students for their appointment and enthusiasm.

Terima kasih.

Written by Ibu Swailes