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The Good Human Award 2019

The Good Human Award was presented by the Head Boy and Head Girl at the Term 3 Awards Assembly. Leah Davies (Year 12) was awarded the Good Human Award for 2019 as she is acknowledged by her peers for being a consistently good human. 

The following speech was made by Keith Solly and Millie Foster about Leah at Assembly as she was presented with the award; 

Hi Everyone,

Today, both Keith and I are thrilled to be able to announce the winner of the Good Human Award. We are sure you all remember that throughout the year we have talked to you about the school’s latest award, an award for the students by the students to acknowledge those amongst us who consistently show themselves to be good humans. Keith and I were blown away at the quantity and quality of the nominations and we hope you all continue to nominate and recognise those good humans around you into the next year. It was a tough and difficult decision trying to narrow down the competition, but with the commemorative plaque ordered and the certificate made, we are ready to announce the 2019’s winner of the Good Human Award.

This semester’s winner received the most nominations, all detailing great examples and traits, which makes them a Good Human. This person is described throughout their nominations as having genuine interest in the people around them and their well-being while continually doing the small things that are not talked about, but are noticed. This student consistently does the right thing, regardless of their own personal interest and acts as role model for others to aspire to. This Good Human can be seen always walking around with a smile on their face and being one of the first to step forward and assist others or give something new a try. Their kind and genuine nature is infectious to those around them, with their small acts of care and empathy being appreciated by all.

This winner is a person that try’s their heart out in all they do and demonstrates their many talents to those around them without getting the proper recognition they deserve. This person has put their fantastic artistic skills to good use, by creating portraits and photos of their close friends in times of struggle and celebration, while balancing studies and sport, in an effort to bring a smile to those around them.

The one act that was mentioned and has been remembered is that during the athletics carnival, this Good Human was seen running with their friend who’s family came to watch and all though she was coming last, they stuck with her and let her finish even though they were both far behind. This act demonstrates the genuine compassion and kindness that this person has, and shows how deserving of the award they are. 

It is our great pleasure to welcome Leah Davies to the stage to receive the Good Human Award for 2019.

Keith Solly and Millie Foster

2019 Head Boy and Girl