Recently you may have seen an infographic on social media highlighting the importance of reading for 20 minutes every day. The visual representation highlighted how a student who reads for 4 minutes or less each day will only have read for 720 minutes in a school year. Students who have committed to reading will have over the same time period, amassed an incredible 3600 minutes of reading. 

This commitment helps students to become life-long readers and benefits them in many ways. 

Some of those benefits are:

  • Reading improves literacy skills.
  • Reading improves a person’s vocabulary, spelling, writing, and verbal linguistic skills.
  • Reading makes people more empathetic as they consider the feelings and situations of characters within novels.
  • Reading, although an independent task, gives people the skills that help them interact socially.
  • Reading provides entertainment.
  • Reading improves focus, concentration and memory.
  • Reading allows people to expand their knowledge of the world. 
  • Reading develops our analytical skills.
  • Reading acts as stress relief and a tool for improving the quality of sleep. 

Middle School students have been set the task of reading for 20 minutes each day. The Library provides a range of materials suitable for all reading levels, across all genres. During the week students are given opportunities to read in class and to select reading material from the Library.  Encourage your children to read every day. 

Should you have any queries pertaining to the selection of materials for your child, please contact Danielle Palmer-Smith, the Head of Library Services at

Mrs Danielle Palmer-Smith
Head of Library Services