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The P.A.R.T.Y Program

On Wednesday the 8th of May the year 11 and year 12 General Health Studies students attended the P.A.R.T.Y (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program at Perth Royal Hospital. The P.A.R.T.Y Program is designed to help teenagers learn about some of the dangers of risk taking behavior and the tragic consequences that can occur if you participate in this type of behaviour.

When we arrived we were greeted by Kath and Lillian, who were clinical nurses at the hospital. Kath and Lilian presented us with some alarming statistics on the causes of injury in young people between 15 to 25 year olds. We found that males were more prone to being involved in risk taking behavior and substance abuse.

We then has a presentation from a paramedic from St.John who discussed the causes and consequences of car accidents. Guest speakers from Head West shared their stories and Craig told his story on the consequences of his drug addiction, causing multiple strokes causing permanent disability.

After morning tea we began our tour of the hospital heading to the Trauma Ward and the Intensive Care Unit. In ICU, the nurse explained what usually happens on this ward and we visited a patient, Steven, who was in an induced coma suffering from a motorbike accident on the weekend. His parents spoke to us about the impact his injuries had on the family and everyone involved.

After lunch we went to the physiotherapy ward where we experienced first-hand on the everyday difficulties people with disabilities face. 

We found the program to be an eye-opening experience. It really made us think twice about the choices we make and the consequences it has on not just our family but everyone involved.

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