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Top 50 School Announced!

The Top 50 Schools were announced based on 2019 median ATAR scores. We are pleased to share that PMACS is ranked 37th!

Congratulations to the class of 2019 for their excellent WACE results. The School is extremely proud of their dedication and diligence.

PMACS students continued to shine, with a Median ATAR that was even higher than that of the 2018 Leavers. In addition, the School’s 2019 Median ATAR of 82.30 is above that of the State Median ATAR, 81.0.

Notable results include Saloni Bhimjiyani and Lucy Banks, who reprised this year’s Dux and Proxime Accessit feat, by topping the cohort with their ATAR results, each well above 95. Along with Saloni and Lucy, we send special congratulations to the students who achieved an ATAR of 94 or more.
In alphabetical order – Emma Draghiciu, Jake Durning, Millie Foster, Anirudh Mehta, Bailey Sherlock, Isla Thomson and Simran Vyas.

The fuller picture of this year’s achievements is seen in the following.  Of the 76 students in an ATAR Pathway:  • 23.68% gained an ATAR of 90 or higher;  

• 59.21% gained an ATAR over 80; 

• 76.32% gained an ATAR of 70 or higher.

Eleven students gained a Final Scaled Mark of over 80% for at least one of their courses; Saloni and Lucy both scored this for three of their courses.

Accelerated Indonesian continues to do well for our School. Last year, Saloni achieved 88% for Indonesian in Year 11, with a Practical Examination Mark of over 90%. This year, Year 11 student, Lily Graham scored a very credible 83.6%.

We wish the class of 2019 all the best in their future endeavours.