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Tournament of Minds 2019

On Saturday 31st August two teams of Year 5 and Year 6 Reach Academic Extension students participated in the Perth Regional contest for the Tournament of Minds at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup. One of the teams tackled The Arts challenge and the other the Language Literature.

Both of the TOM challenges were extremely challenging. The Arts team had to retell the story of the Wizard of Oz, with new settings and characters, under an overarching theme. They constructed amazing backdrops and costumes to enhance their presentation, which had the theme of endangered species. In presenting their solution the students demonstrated great creativity and imagination.

The Language Literature task was to create a new language feature, demonstrate how it evolved and how it worked, in a play which featured other examples, such as Malapropism, Alliteration and Spoonerism. Their script was both witty and clever and the audience was highly entertained by their presentation.

Congratulations to both teams for tackling TOM with enthusiasm and commitment, representing the school in an exemplary manner. The Arts team were awarded Honours medals, for an overall score which was in the top 20% in the State, presented to them by Christina Norris, Co-Director of Tournament of Minds WA, at the final Term 3 Primary Assembly.

Many thanks to Mrs Veronica Dunlop and Mrs Heather Linnell, who acted as team parent Facilitators They attended all of the Co-Curricular sessions in Terms 2 and 3 and also hosted team rehearsals in their homes. Their support is greatly appreciated.

The Arts Team

Year 6: Matthew Linnell, Jade White,Michael Lysenko, Beth Duuring

Year 5:  Denzel Mitchell, Mahalia Adma Weda, Ilya Okunev

Language Literature Team

Year 6: Geneva Dunlop, Sophie Ashurst, Samantha Davey, Zac McNeair

Year 5: Oliver Mills, Lilly Beckwith, Rachel Cormack

Chrissie Payne Reach Primary Academic Extension Teacher