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WAASA Student Leaders Day

On Friday 10th May, the head prefects had the privilege of visiting the Archbishops house for a leadership symposium. The leaders met with many other prefects from Anglican schools around WA for a ‘catch up’ from a previous day held last year.

We began the afternoon with a talk from Archbishop Kay. She welcomed us to her beautiful home. From here, we broke into three groups and talked through some challenges and highlights we have faced as leaders so far. Each of us received a small, illustrated prayer book.

A prayer that was read stood out to me:

Dear god, We pray for balance and exchange. Balance us like trees. As the roots of a tree shall equal its branches so must the inner life be equal to the outer life. And as the leaves shall nourish the roots so shall the roots give nourishment to the leaves. Without equality and exchange of nourishment there can be no growth and no love.

We were reminded through this prayer of the importance that we all have in our school community. From this, we were encouraged to discuss who we want to be as leaders. Nearly all of us described “a leader who everyone feels comfortable with and someone who is no different to them”.

From here we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon tea with the Archbishop.

I would like to thank Reverend Pilton for taking us down to West Perth to attend this day.