West-Side: Re-imagined, is a loosely adapted play of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story performed and directed by the Year 11 ATAR and combined Year 11 and 12 General Drama students, with assistance from Mrs Peta Flanigan.

The performance combines aspects of the musical West Side Story and dramatic conventions from Romeo and Juliet to tell the story about two teenage gangs, the Sharks and Jets (played by Cy Lihou, Rhys During, Ella Marcon, Mia Nicholson, Tylah Gaensler, Ruby Leggett, Cate Latimer, Olivia Budimir, Jamie Giezendanner, Jack Toon, Taleisa Kuipers, Hannah Klonowski, Tahlia Bennett, Alyssa Bramley and Emma Mykytiuk) as they fight for a sense of identity in the Upper state of New York City.

A forbidden romance between Shark, Maria (Casey Garces) and Jet, Tony (Jacob Miles) sparks in the midst of the rivalry between their “households” as they find love and hatred together. Although the pair fall in love quickly, their personal agents of fate, Anita (Shark, played by Naomi Denston) and Anybody’s (Jet, played by Katrina Wyer) are destined to bring the lovers together whilst pulling them further apart.

As the gangs battle with life and death, the performance takes a modern approach as issues from the 21st Century begin to shape the character’s view on racism and prejudice, detailing the effects of teen violence on family and friends, evident in both the 20th and 21st centuries.

Will Tony and Maria’s love survive?

Can the Sharks and Jets see the good in each other?

Will the effects of each other impact their lives for the better, or for worse?

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Come join us in the Drama Room Theatre on Tuesday 8th September 7.00pm as the Year 11 and 12 Drama students present, West-Side: Re-imagined!