‘Each culture has its own rituals, values, and behaviours that go far beyond language. A bicultural candidate will be able to navigate between the complex aspects of both cultures. This gives you a skill you can apply in any job—the ability to understand and combine multiple perspectives at once, known as integrative complexity.

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Language Department End of Term Wrap up:

Inspite of all the phenomenal challenges of Distance Learning in the last few weeks, our Indonesian Department have managed to finish the end of the Term on a positive note.

  • All Senior School ATAR classes have successfully completed intended learning activities and assessments as planned.
  • Middle School Indonesian classes have finished all their assessments.
  • Year 9 ADV Indonesian classes completed their Recipe Invention Writing test at home under the supervision of parents.
  • Year 7’s have completed their online speaking assessments conducted as a one-to-one interview with their teachers.

We are especially grateful for the co-operation and assistance from parents. We encourage parents to continue supporting their children with their language learning journey.

I wish both students and parents a safe and relaxing break over Easter in these challenging times. Rest assured that our planning for Term Two is aiming for further development and refinement of our Distance Learning successes. Selamat hari Paskah! (Happy Easter)

Terima kasih!

Maya Swailes
Head of Languages