Week 4 of this Term was Languages Week (6th – 13th August) in WA; however, in Peter Moyes we were privileged to stretch this longer than a week, more like ‘Languages Term’. 

It was pleasing to see such great participation from students in Primary, Middle and Senior School. 
Languages Week is about raising an awareness of the benefits of language learning, the linguistic diversity in our community and to celebrate language learning in schools.
During Languages Term at PMACS several activities took place:
Week 4: 
Thursday 9th August 
– A reward excursion for 54 Middle Schools to John Septimus Roe to attend the Mikki J concert. 
- Middle School: Set up of ‘Warung’ – Indonesian roadside shop in MS Indonesian room 
Week 5:
PS/MS/SS: Friday 17th August 
- Selected students attended Independence Day activities at the Indonesian Consulate and lunch at Batavia Corner Restaurant.
Week 6: PMACS Languages Week
Monday 20th August:
Performance by Indonesian band ‘Papua Original’ for Year 6 and all MS students during periods 6 & 7 at PMACS.
Tuesday 21st August – Friday 24th August: 
Indonesian Games and Competitions for students at lunch times were organised by 
Indonesian teachers Ibu Simone Robinson, Ibu Ying Leong and Ibu Maya Swailes. 
These included:

Tuesday: Kompetisi Bermain Congklak (Congklak playing competition)
Wednesday: Kompetisi Balap Karung (Sack races)
Thursday: Kompetisi Makan Krupuk (Krupuk eating competition)
Friday: Kompetisi Memasukkan pensil dalam botol (Squatting competition)
Week 9 & 10: 
MS: Indonesian Student Exchange (5 girls and 1 teacher visiting PMACS from our sister School Margie in Surabaya)
Language is critical to our identity and sharing our multicultural heritage: many cultures and many languages make this world much more interesting, and I would assert, a better place. I would thereby like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, staff and students for their continuing support to our Languages Department. 

And to all the students and teachers who got involved in Languages Week, “terima kasih banyak”…….Thank you!

Maya Swailes
Head of Languages