Thank you to the students and their families, staff, alumni and special guests who attended the annual Art Exhibition opening, market and music concert on Friday 13th November. It was a wonderful evening celebrating creativity in your School community.

The Exhibition titled ‘2020 Vision’ was opened by local artist James Giddy who was our ‘Artist in Residence’ earlier in the year. He spoke of having the pleasure of working as an artist as his full-time career and the places it has taken to him as well as the importance of the arts and creative pursuits for mental health and wellbeing.

Many students this year across sub-schools completed workshops with James, learning various techniques for drawing birds and animals; these skills were clearly seen in the drawings, sculptures and paintings of animals on show.

The following students were awarded commendations from the Artist in Residence, Principal, Deputy Principal, Primary School Associate Principal, Middle School Associate Principal and Senior School Associate Principal on the night.

Associate Principal of Middle School Commendations

Jazlyn Lihou 9C

Emlia Holdroyd, 9C

Adneen Iqbal, 8H

Romi Oxley, 7L

Deputy Principal Commendations

Anique Rive Year 11 General Arts

Bianca Adma Weda 9H

Tullah Driver, 5.2

Principal Commendations

Cheranne Heyworth 12 General Arts

Jorji Parker 8C

Aleksie Glowacz 1.3

Artist in Residence Commendations

Sophie Carsten 12 General Arts

Anya Dalgleish 9H

Ruth Dunning Yr 7

Associate Principal of Primary School Commendations

Josie Lippiatt 5.1

Abigail van der Schyff 1.2

Noah Yasay 2.2

Quinn Gomm 2.1

Thomas Fallen 3.2

Payton Wawde 4.1

Katelyn Paizes 6

Ava Tremain 1.3

Congratulations to all the talented young artists that received Commendations and all the students that were selected to exhibit their artwork.