Prior to the Year 12 student’s returning from their Semester 1 exam period, we were notified that as Year 12 males we were given the opportunity to grow neatly trimmed beard as part of our School presentation. This was if we maintained our beards and ensure they do not grow to a level where they look messy.

As a result of this trial, some of the Year 12 boys tried to grow their beards! Some had success while some definitely did not, resulting in some questionable looks. However, those who were able to produce a neatly trimmed beard included the likes of Shiven Appasamy, Nate Trew, Jake Minear, Atharv Sinha (myself), Corey Proudfoot and Arron Linton.

The idea of growing beards stemmed from the fact that the Year 12 boys are graduating at the beginning of Term 4 and going out into the real world as men. Beards which are well maintained are acceptable in the workplace and in universities and hence the School’s Executive Team deemed that they were acceptable for those Year 12 boys who are almost at that stage in their life. There has only been a positive reception by the teacher in regard to the beards, especially from those male teachers who may be a little jealous that some students are able to grow beards better than them!

Atharv Sinha
Head Boy