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Year 3 AQWA Sleepover

On Thursday 28th March 2019, the Year 3 students arrived at AQWA for their first ever School camp. For some this was their first time away from home. It tested their resilience sleeping in an unfamiliar environment and learning to organise their own belongings. The students decided to study some of Western Australia's dangerous coastal creatures and what better way learn than from the experts at AQWA.  The students participated in some craft activities, a guided tour through the danger zone, explored the coral reef, feed some fish in Shipwreck Cove and got to feel the skin of some sharks and stingrays in the touch pool.  At the end of the night while watching Moana, an enthusiastic sing along soon erupted and some actions soon followed. Although for some sleep was difficult to find, the students made the most of gazing around the aquarium in the dull lights and were fascinated by the night time habits of the fish. 

Quotes from Year 3 students about their first sleepover experience:
• “Learning about the creatures in the danger zone was exciting and the Moana sing along was fun.” – Charis
• “I got to touch a shark in the touch pool and that was cool.” – Addison
• “Completing the sand art activity was fun and it looked good.” – Veer
• “Learning about the creatures in the Danger Zone was interesting.” – Megan
• “I really liked watching the sharks swimming above my head while sleeping.” – Roland
• “I enjoyed sleeping under the aquarium with all the sharks.” – Pheonix
• “I really loved eating the pizza for dinner.” - Rosie

The students showed great enthusiasm and positivity during the experience. The staff members at AQWA commented on how well behaved, inquisitive and polite the Peter Moyes students were. 

We would like to thank our fabulous parent volunteers for their help as we could run a successful camp with them. 

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