Year 4 Camp

On Wednesday 26th of February 2020, the Year 4s set off for their first camp to Fairbridge Village in Pinjarra. The start of the day had an odd feel to it. As the Year 4’s walked into rearranged tables and wet carpets, we soon discovered the storm from the previous night had given the Upper Primary School an new indoor water feature. The bags had been dropped at the front with the parents, so the class was filled with pillows and day packs. Most of us spent the first period playing Maths games and then we were allowed out for a bit of a run. It was soon 9:45am and it was time to leave. Upon arriving, we waited at Reception whilst Mr Pini ran inside to get the keys for our houses. Mr Patel, Ms Sutherland and Mr Pini had the basic standard houses. However, Mrs Brown the EA had what the teachers called the ‘Fairbridge Penthouse.’ It was huge, it had everything and looked very posh!

After eating lunch on our porches it was time for our first rotation. Some started with pool games. These games were aimed to develop our team building skills. There were certain collection tasks we had to perform but we were only successful if we worked together. Groups 2 and 4 won the competition during their sessions, but most importantly fun was had by all. The next activity was Archery. Most of us had never shot an arrow before, but our instructors were great and soon had us at least reaching the target. That night dinner was fish and chips which was delicious! Soon after we headed back to our houses for some free time and then bed.

Breakfast the next day was amazing! We had a full cooked breakfast which Mr Pini and Mr Patel certainly took advantage off. Soon enough it was time for our first rotation with Mrs Brown and Mr Wood joining us for the day. Our first activity was rock climbing, there were four different walls. For this to go well, we really had to use the power in our legs and arms to climb up the walls, it was great fun.

After morning tea we moved onto our next activity, the low ropes. We started with an ice breaker which was the ‘Whip’/’Wop’ game, this was a fun way to start but it got very confusing when the stick got half way around the circle. We also played a balance game and then onto the spider web game; this relied on us to work together and really think about others. Let’s just say some of us are still developing these skills!! The last game was a low ropes obstacle course. We all got around by helping each other through the difficult parts.

For lunch we had a ‘make your own wrap’ and then it was time for our afternoon activity, Race the Clock. This activity required us to give our opinions, be flexible, listen to other and work together as a team……it did not start well! After a few tips from our instructors we were well on our way. We managed to finish the activity with some creative help and we then moved onto the Pitstop game. Group 2 managed to win the overall Race the Clock Competition. Well done Group 2! Somehow the thunder and lightning had stayed away and we were able to stay dry for the day. The free time came right after. Those students who hadn’t swam the previous day were able to and the others played sport or just hung out in Ms Sutherlands house.

Dinner that night was Roast chicken and vegetables, followed by sticky date pudding. Soon after it was time for bed, everyone was tired and we went straight to sleep.

The next day, after breakfast we had to pack our things. We found some things that we had lost on Day 1 and some things we didn’t even know we had! After the toilets were cleaned and the houses swept, we headed to our last activity. 

Our last activity was the Leap of Faith. This was the one we were all scared and nervous about. It involved us climbing up a big ladder and then jumping off a plank and grabbing a bar that was hanging above us! Everyone did really well at this, most got a lot further than they thought they would which is what camp is all about, pushing us to do things we didn’t think we could. We had lunch and then headed back home.  All of us were all pleased to see our parents and we slept well that night.

We would like to say a big thank you to our Parent Helpers and Teachers who gave up their own time to make our first camp an amazing experience. Thank you from all of the Year 4’s.

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