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Year 6 Point Walter Camp

On Wednesday 20th March Year 6 students left Peter Moyes Anglican Community School bound for Point Walter for their 3-day camp where they would do a range of activities and increase their collaborative and team building skills. Everyone was exited as they boarded the bus, singing baby-like songs, doing weird sounds and chatting “I hope you said bye to your parents because I’m your new mum!” boomed Ms Shimmings as she checked that everyone was buckled up and ready to go. “No” groaned some kids as she said it.

Upon arrival at camp the Year 6’s unloaded their bags and ate their recess. They took their belongings to a room and left it there while they got used to camp by doing some awesome icebreaker games with each group having a blast. At bed that night most people were up late watching a movie, well most of it anyways.

The next day each group took part with some fun activities such as raft building, biking, pool games, archery flying fox and high ropes.  Once we had done an activity we would have a meal whether it be morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. We all ate our food and were not left hungry. The next night, we watched Paddington 2. Straight after we went to bed, some people stayed up which wasn’t a good idea because a teacher would tell you to go to bed (Mr Patel).

On Friday we finished our activities and got ready to go, which meant tidying our dorms and getting ready our bags packed. On the bus, half the people fell asleep and were out cold or they were talking, either that or they were doing something quietly and were keeping to themselves. When we got back, we all got to go home and I bet most people were overjoyed to sleep in their own bed again and enjoy the weekend. My favourite thing at camp was the biking because it felt very calm and open with many places to go and killer views of the river at the lookout. It made my heart beat fast while going down a very steep hill and it was very enjoyable.

Written by Luke Bailey (Year 6)

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