On the 11th, 12th and 13th of February the Year 7s went on Camp! With a lot of excitement in the air, they headed off to Swan Valley Adventure Centre where they had the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting activities! These activities included the Flying Fox, Archery, High Ropes, Leap of Faith, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Team Building, Raft Building and the Commando Course! They had a lot of fun at each of these, but the crowd favourite would have to be either the High Ropes or the Flying Fox! 

The activities tested the Year 7s and they learned to face their fears and work together with their peers. They had different instructors at each of the activities who showed them what to do and encouraged them to have a go! The food was delicious, and everyone was fed very well. No one had to worry about missing out – there was always enough for seconds! 

The first night activity was a disco, where everyone showed off their dance moves, and the second night activity was a Quiz Night, where Mr Hall’s team were victorious! Camps don’t come together easily, and the Year 7s would like to thank all the teachers and parents who helped out on their Camp and made it as amazing as it was!