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Year 9 & 10 Hip Hop Dance Workshops

On Tuesday 19th November, a collection of students from the Year 9 and 10 dance classes had the privilege of participating in a hip hop workshop. There were two one and a half hour workshop; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Guest choreographer Sheena Thompson taught us some grooves and a warm up, followed by a fully choreographed routine. The various grooves that we learnt were; Bart Simpson, Reebok, Cabbage Patch, Running Man, Happy Feet and Roger Rabbit.

These grooves originated from the 70’s onwards and were interesting and fun to be experience. Once we had learnt these grooves, Sheena began teaching us the routine. The song we used was ‘Pon de Replay’ by Rihanna, so we had a cool beat to dance to. It took us a little bit of time to learn the routine, but eventually we began to master the style and everyone was loving it. We split into two groups and created a filled in triangle formation as our starting position for the routine. The groups took turns performing and as hyped up audience members we fully supported each other.

Overall it was fun to do something a little bit different and get out of our comfort zones. It was a great experience and we appreciate Sheena coming in, and Mrs Bird for organising it.

Tylah Gaensler (Year 10)

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