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Year 9 Camp – Forest Edge, Waroona

On Monday of Week 2, the Year 9 cohort eagerly embarked on their final Middle School Camp. After two hours, we arrived at our destination; Forest Edge Recreational Camp in Waroona. The 30 students who volunteered for a tenting experience set up their tents and shortly after, everyone began their activities. These activities were a new experience for many and included low ropes, ski biscuit, shooting, rock climbing, an incentive walk, abseiling, flying fox and a pamper pole. A few standout activities were the ski biscuit and the shooting activity. The ski biscuit consisted of three students sitting on blow up donuts and a boat pulling them through the Waroona Dam. The activity highlighted the need to listen carefully and put many outside of their comfort zone. Activities such as the abseiling and flying fox taught the students to overcome their fears and the importance of team work.

The camp food was great, and everyone had to work together to serve and clean up. After dinner activities consisted of an Amazing Race and Movie Night. The camp was great in teaching the students communication skills and life lessons as after every activity, the instructor would have a debrief regarding the lessons learnt. It seems like everyone has learnt something from our Year Nine Camp and no doubt many students can use these valuable lessons later in life. All teachers, parents and students will forever remember this camp.

Thank you to those who made it possible!

Isabella Henkel (Year 9)

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