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Year 9 House Crosses

During House Tutorial time Year 9 students designed crosses for each House; Cuthbert, Durack, Florey, Hollows and Lingiari. Everyone got to draw any picture of a cross but it had to somehow link to their House. Then all the crosses were presented to the Year 9 students and we all voted on the best cross for each house.

Cuthbert was designed by Chantay Brondsema, 9.6. The medal is a representation of Betty Cuthbert's four golden medals she won in the Olympic games. The brown ribbon with the white lines is a running track and the world represents the Olympics across the world.

Durack cross was designed by Lara Tashkandy, 9.1. The cross consists of a simple cross with a book. The light blue colours represent the colour of Durack and the book represents the novels Mary Durack wrote.

Florey was designed by Ellie Hall, 9.6. The cross is mainly orange and the background is light blue, like the cross is floating in heaven. The stethoscope represents Howard Florey as his work contributed to the development of penicillin as one of the most important medicines of our time.

Hollows was designed by Chloe Kolzan, 9.1. The eagle takes up most of the painting as it focusses on the idea of eagles having the best eye sight in the animal kingdom. This links to Professor Frederick Hollows, a renowned eye surgeon. Before he died he created the Fred Hollows Foundation, which helps people who cannot afford surgeries to see again.

Lingiari was created by Nicole Bothma, 9.5.  Vincent Lingiari was a member of the Gurindji people. Vincent Lingiari was an indigenous Australian who helped reshape the relationships between indigenous Australians and the wider community. The cross has both a link to Jesus Christ and Vincent Lingiari. The sunset in the background is painted in Aboriginal Art and the colours are yellow, black and red which are also the colours of the Aboriginal flag. The red cross, represents the colour of Lingiari House, and the vines entwined through the cross represents both the earth, which means a lot to the Indigenous people, and the thorns Jesus had to wear on his head when he was crucified.

These five crosses represents our five Houses, Cuthbert, Durack, Florey, Hollows and Lingiari.

Written by Nicole Bothma (Year 9)

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