Announcement of ‘Language Ambassadors’ appointment and Badges given to recognise the position.

We are privileged here in our School at Peter Moyes to learn Indonesian, a language through which we can connect with our closest neighbour, Indonesia and its rich culture and fascinating way of life.

Learning Indonesian can connect us to the world of work, further study and travel. It also offers opportunities for our students to participate in the many sister school and student exchange programs between our School and Indonesia. The intention of exploring a new language and culture is to equip all our students with the skills needed to function in an increasingly globalised society, a culturally and linguistically diverse local community, and to provide the foundation for life-long language learning.

It is now my pleasure to announce our Year 9 Indonesian language ambassadors for this year. The role of the Indonesian language ambassadors is to assist in Middle School Language activities and encourage as well as demonstrate the benefits of language learning.

These 8 students have been nominated as a result of their excellent connection with learning Indonesian in Year 7 and Year 8.

Kathleen Maloney, Jasmin Van De Peppel, Abbey Palmer-Smith, Brady Reynolds, Sam Waddell, Rory Coplin, Olivia Colotti and Mumbi Tembo.

We applaud the students for their appointment and enthusiasm. 

Terima kasih.

Maya Swailes
Head of Languages