You may be surprised to hear that some of my most spiritual moments are not in church or chapel, but when I am looking at the beauty of the world and see amazing sunsets or the majestic sky at night. I reflect on whether this is all the result of an uncontrolled ”Big Bang” or whether there is the hand of a designer involved in the beauty? As I think about these questions, I feel very close to our Creator God. I came across this reflection which expresses sentiments that I often feel in this regard.  I invite you to think about this as you read these words.


Can anyone truly look at a sunset at the end of the day
and say that there is no God?

Or gaze into the heavens on a starry night
and not know that we have been blessed
by the presence of an Almighty Creator.

And then there are those billowing cloud formations
we lay staring at as a child.
Could this be an act of chance?

Or listen to the melodious tune of a babbling brook
as it sings on its merry journey.

God's handiwork is all around us
and His signature is on each of His masterpieces.

And the greatest masterpiece He ever created
was you and me!
He created us in His image.

But just like all His other masterpieces
we are not complete until He signs His work.

God wants to put His signature on you
and me…..
are we ready to be signed?

Author Unknown

God bless
Reverend Dave