Back to School!

Well, here we at the start of yet another school year. Welcome back. I hope that the year is off to a good start.

I am mindful of the fact that Peter Moyes Anglican Community School consists of a rich tapestry of people who together form this community. Each of us contributes to the success of this School in our own way, be they students, staff or parents. The work of nurturing and developing the young people in our School is indeed an important one for all concerned. As such, it is important to commit the School year to the Lord and ask for His presence with us this year in all that we do. The following prayer, is appropriate for us all at this time:

Lord, as we begin another school year,
we pray that You will 
guide us in our daily activities.
Never allow us to be separated from You.
Grant us good health
and guide us in our directions and decisions.
Let there always be love, peace,
and harmony in our community.
Help us to treat everyone fairly and justly,
regardless of who they are.
Remind us always to have good thoughts,
to say good words, and to do good deeds.
But most of all, help us to be humble
all the days of our lives
as pilgrims on this earth.

In this coming year,
may there be learning, prayer, and fun.
May there be hard work, faith and friendship.
May no one in school be lonely;
May no one be left out;
May no one suffer
because of how others treat them.

May God begin this year with us,
be with us during it,
and successfully bring it to its conclusion.

God bless.
Reverend Dave