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Year 7 Camp at Swan Valley Adventure Centre

What an awesome camp! We arrived at Swan Valley Adventure Centre to a very busy day getting everything set up and ready to go with students heading off to a range of activities within 30 minutes of arrival. Very keen to get into their dorms to see who would sleep where, a quick lunch was followed by a scattering to the four houses that were allocated to Peter Moyes ACS. This was followed by more activities, on rotation of groups, and a yummy dinner! 

The DJ arrived next and, although the students were extremely tired, they ran to the disco room, gathered with friends and effectively ‘carved up the dancefloor’. The display of moves during the dance-offs was spectacular!!! Very tired but exhilarated students headed off to their dorms to get ready for bed just after 9pm for what, for many, was a somewhat sleepless night filled with late night chats and excitement at being together!

Day two involved more yummy food, more exciting (and sometimes messy!) activities and some extended (1.5 hours) free time before dinner! We ended the day with a table quiz which most students didn’t seem terribly excited about (the teachers and parents were very excited!) but after a couple of questions students were engrossed and wholeheartedly attempted to beat the competition. Indeed, the table quiz was such a success that we have decided that we will have a termly Year 7 quiz day with a shared lunch; the students were very happy to hear of this plan! All slept very well at the end of this busy day! 

Last day and, yet again, the students entered the activities with joy and excitement, eager to enjoy their last minutes on camp! Continuing with our Year 7 focus of RESPECT, the students largely took care of their belongings, tidied up after themselves, and were respectful not only of their own boundaries but also of staff at the venue; I was very proud of them!!! They made new friends in activity groups that were randonly selected, challenged themselves to do activities that they may not have thought they could do and really enjoyed every minute!

Grainne Barber
Head of Year 7

Student Report- By Jayden Friend

We left on Wednesday moring after meeting up with friends in tute, chatting excitedly about camp and what it might be like. After a short bus trip, we arrived at Swan Valley Adventure Centre at around 10.30am, had some recess and went straight out to do activities. My favorite activities were canoeing and raft building. I met new friends in my activity group and the activities helped us with teamwork and coordination. Most of the activities were great but the commando course wasn’t so good as there were lots of ants and a magpie tried to swoop our group; no one got hurt thankfully!

The accomodation was really good as we were in dorms with our friends. Lots of people liked the food. There was lasange, chips, stir fry chicken, chicken and cheese rolls and lots of salad. My favorite was the fried rice and chicken stir fry. The deserts were amazing; sticky date pudding, brownies, apple crumble and chocolate mousse.

The disco on the first night was a popular hit for everyone. The DJ gave prizes for people who won dance off competeitions; I got one but lost it! The table quiz on the second night was so much fun too.

Camp is a great experience to hang out with friends and make new friends. I can’t wait for the next one!

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