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School Council

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School was established by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) and therefore works within the broad parameters set by the Commission for the planning and establishment of a School. The School is governed locally by a Council comprising a maximum of twelve representatives, including those appointed from the Anglican Church, the ASC, the Parents and Friends’ Association and the Alumni Association. It is the aim of Council to include members with a diverse range of skills, experiences, and attributes.
The Council is the governing body for the School. It is the forum for achieving objectives, making sound economic decisions, as well as ensuring good compliance and appropriate risk management measures of the school. The Principal is responsible for the operations of the School, and reports to the School Council on a monthly basis. The Business Manager is the Secretary of the School Council and attends all Council meetings. 
The Council is responsible for the planning, establishment, and overall management of the School, and plays a key role in the development of the School’s Master and Strategic Plan, as well as overseeing their implementation. The Master Plan is developed in conjunction with the Council, ASC, staff, parents, and students of the School. The Strategic Plan is developed in conjunction with the Council and the Executive Team of the School. The Council is also the advisor to the Anglican Schools Commission on the governance of the School.
The School was established as a low fee Anglican School. The School operates on a budget developed by the Council and approved by the ASC each year. Whilst the Council has the responsibility for overseeing the School’s budget, the ASC retains the power of approval for the School’s annual operating budget and major capital expenditure.
In addition to the main Council, several Committees have been formed to support the work of the Council. Currently the Committees are:

  • Alumni
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Finance and Risk
  • Nominations and Executive Remuneration
  • Strategic Planning Implementation and Governance

Qualifications of the School Council

Dr Michelle Ellis, Chair
PhD, MEd, Grad Dip AppLing, BEd

Mr Adam Inder, Deputy Chair and Old Scholar Representative
Mrs Elly Sullivan, Treasurer
Mr Leighton Henley
The Reverend Dr Gift Makwasha
Mrs Jackie Vernon
Ms Evelyn Yuen
Dr Rachel Mahncke

Ex Officio Members

Mr Benjamin Lomas, Principal
Mr Alan Wright, Business Manager

Honorary Member

Mr John Filippone

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