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Year 10 Work Experience 

Last week of term 4: 30th November  - 4th December 

At the conclusion of the Year 10 End of Year examinations, Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in a week of Work Experience or 2 days of Peer Support.

All documentation required for Work Experience is located here.

Request Form

WHS Form


Log book (with review)

Review (to keep with CV/Resume)

Please find a list of workplaces that have previously been attended by Peter Moyes ACS students.*

*NOTE:Please note the supervisor may have changed or the organisation may no longer take students on work expeirence.

WHS Contact List

Please approach workplaces using the request form. This can be via email, phone call or face to face. Please do not approach only one workplace and wait to hear back from them. Approach multiple workplaces and follow up you request after approximately one week, if you have not heard back.

Once a workplace has been confirmed it is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to be satisfied that the workplace is appropriate and safe for your child. 

Work Experience Request forms must be signed by the supervisor and Parents/Guardians. Once complete please returned them to Senior School Reception, as well as entering all details into the following online form: CLICK HERE

Due date: Forms are due by the 9th November.

The following career education resources are designed to support educators, parents and students and their learning communities during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Students can use their School email accounts as their username when logging in or signing up. 

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