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School Policies and Procedures

The School has a variety of policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a safe, positive and harmonious work and learning environment.

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In addition to the below policies, the School complies with policies and procedures created by the Anglican Schools Commission. This includes Enrolment and Attendance, Privacy, Mandatory Reporting, Dispute and Conflict Resolution, Chaplaincy, Recruitment and more. Click here to view the ASC policies. 

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Absences & Attendance Students who arrive late to school must report to the relevant Sub-School Reception. Parents are required to notify the School on or before the day of a student’s absence. Should leave be required for a day or more, application should be made by parents (in advance and in writing), to the Associate Principal of Sub-School. At the School we discourage student absence during term time for holidays.
Admissions Policy and Procedures The School is a low fee, co-educational Anglican School offering up to 15 years of interrupted learning from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12. The School adheres to the Anglican Schools Commission Enrolment and Attendance Policy and Procedures.
Allegations of Misconduct Against Employees Allegations of Misconduct against Employees in ASC Schools & Guidelines for the Interviewing of Students by Police
Anaphylaxis The School is committed to providing a safe school environment for students, staff and visitors. The School wishes to protect those students who suffer from severe allergies and could be in danger of life threatening anaphylactic reaction.
Anglican Vision and Values of our School As an ASC School we seek to demonstrate and advocate to our students, Staff and the wider community the worth of the ASC’s six principal values.
Awards Policy: Student Colours, Honours & Service The School wishes to recognise the outstanding and exceptional achievement of its students in a variety of School activities - Academic, Cultural and Sporting- through enabling students to be awarded Colour and/or Honour Awards for these achievements. The School also wishes to recognise those students who provide outstanding service to the School by the granting of Service Awards.
Assessment and Reporting Policy The School aims to report the achievement of students to parents and the School community as appropriate, in the form of Reports to parents, Annual Reports or Reports to the board or other governing bodies.
Car Park It is an expectation that all members of the community using the Elliston Parade and Salerno Drive Car Parks follow the guidelines and rules as set out in this policy.
Chapel Peter Moyes Anglican Community School is a Christian School in the Anglican tradition. An important part of Christian life and faith development is the practice of community worship. All students participate in weekly Chapel Services at an age appropriate level.
Child Safe Policy Child Safe Policy Western Australia
Co-Curricular Whilst great schools have a strong teaching and learning focus, they also understand the importance of offering their students a diverse co-curricular programme. This is consistent with the focus of the School on the needs of the whole person - intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and social.
Code of Conduct - Student Peter Moyes Anglican Community School is committed to providing a child -safe environment which safe guards all students and is committed to promoting practices which provides for the safety, wellbeing and welfare of our children and young people.
Code of Conduct - Parents At Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, we aim to provide an open, welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all. We believe that parents are valuable contributors in the life of our School. Our School Values are outlined in the School Website, which has been developed with the School Council, members of the School Executive and Staff and members of the School community
Communication Policy The School operates with the belief that ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’. With this in mind, community interest and involvement is paramount in the delivery of educational outcomes for students.
Complaint and Dispute Resolution The School seeks to be a caring Christian community, where people are in harmony with each other. Therefore, this policy is designed to assist staff, students and parents to resolve conflict in an appropriate and satisfactory way.
Discipline Policy includes information about consequences for minor misdemeanours or infringements and seniors infringements or repeated infringements, details of the School’s Behaviour Management Plan and Resolution Process.
Drugs Alcohol and Smoking The School takes a serious view of the use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs and wishes to adopt and project a policy which attempts to counter the possession and abuse of any illicit drug by students. The following guidelines and procedures have been formulated.
Examination Rules and Responsibilities An examination is a summative assessment used to provide feedback to teachers and students over the course of instruction. The goal of assessment is to gain an understanding of what students know, and what they do not, in order to make responsive changes in teaching and learning.
Emergency and Crisis Management Plan The School Council of the Peter Moyes Anglican Community School delegates to the Executive Team of the School responsibility for the daily operations of the School’s procedures and policies. The aim of this delegation and the work of the Executive Team is to promote the operation of a School which, through the workings of its procedures and policies, minimises the likelihood of staff, students, parents and visitors to the School being exposed to unacceptable levels of risk.
First Aid Policy The School is committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of its students and staff and will provide a first aid service for students, staff and visitors.
Food and Nutrition (Including Nut Awareness) The School is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors and seeks to promote healthy choices in relation to food and nutrition. The School supports healthy eating and has a vital role to play in helping to reduce the worldwide epidemic of obesity. Cafe staff, parents and other school staff can be positive role models and champions to endorse health promotion in the School.
Homework Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students are not allocated homework, although we do encourage home reading. As a guideline, Pre-Primary homework activities should include shared reading and experimental writing. Kindergarten students are able to borrow story sacks from the Kindergarten library during Semester Two of each year.
IT Policy Policy includes privacy, storage capacity, prohibited behaviour, illegal copying, system integrity, use of social media, consequences of a breech of policy, and use of software and external devices on the network.
Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures Western Australia
Pastoral Care Knowing the child is the basis of our Pastoral Care System. Pastoral care is central to the structure of the School and underpins the daily interactions and relationships that are so important for success in other areas.
Parents’ & Friends’ Association The Parents’ and Friends’ Association aims to further the educational, social and financial interests of the School. All Committee positions are open for election at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. Committee meetings are held throughout the year. All members are welcome to attend. All parents are expected to contribute their services to the School in such areas as assisting teachers, fund raising and social events.
Privacy This Privacy Policy details how we protect your privacy and how the School complies with the requirements of the Federal Government’s Privacy Act and its 13 Australian Privacy Principles. Policy includes collection, use, storage, security and disclosure of personal information.
Reporting of Abuse and Neglect Reporting of Abuse and Neglect Policy and Procedures Western Australia
Social Media Terms of Use The School’s Social Media Policy sets out the Terms of Use for Social Media platforms, including Facebook.
Sun Protection The School’s sun hat policy and sun protection complies with the Cancer Council’s requirements. All students must have their sun hats at school on every school day.
School Curriculum Plan The School aims to report the achievement of students to parents and the School community as appropriate, in the form of Reports to parents, Annual Reports or Reports to the board or other governing bodies.
School Curriculum Evaluation The Peter Moyes School Curriculum Plan is an aspirational document which guides teacher practice at the School in line with the K-10 Western Australian Curriculum Outline and the School Curriculum and Standards Authority Senior Secondary Schooling.
School Uniform It is expected that children come to School each day in correct uniform. Correct uniform must also be worn when travelling to and from School. Students must meet the requirement that their dress and personal appearance reflect the high standards expected. This is of particular importance when students are seen in uniform in the wider community. Students are also expected to maintain the code of personal appearance on the sports field, or as spectators.
School Behaviour Management Policy Peter Moyes Anglican Community School promotes values that are in keeping with the Christian ethos. We are an Anglican school that values spirituality, excellence, honesty, respect, acceptance and justice. These values underpin our expectations of how students should behave
Student Use of Mobile Phones The expectation of limited use by students of their mobile phone has its basis in the mental health and wellbeing of all students. The benefits of students not accessing their phone during the school day will prevent a number of negative aspect seen with excessive use of a mobile phone, including anxiety, online bullying, social disconnection, lack of academic focus and mindful purpose.
Special Provisions in WACE and School Based Examinations Policy and Guidelines The School Curriculum and Standards Authority recognises that individual students, under circumstances outlined in this policy document, may need special external assessment arrangements to allow them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understandings within certain courses.
Travelling to and from School The means of transport to and from School are manifold e.g. car, bus, walking, train, bicycle. Bicycles, scooters or skateboards are not permitted to be used on the School’s campus. Students using bicycles must comply with their legal obligations to wear a helmet. Students using scooters and/or skateboards as a means of transport to and from School are encouraged to wear helmets for their safety.
Waves Cafe The Waves Café seeks to achieve an appropriate balance between the preferences and demands for various types of food and drink and promoting the sale and consumption of healthy food. A menu is made available at the beginning of each Term via the School Portal.
Use of Student Photos for Media and Publications The School shares and publishes information and produces various School publications and community based documents, including Newsletters, Magazines, Pamphlets, Banners, Yearbooks, Handbooks, Guides, Reports and a Prospectus. These publications include photographs and/or videos of students, examples of their work and/or their names associated with various School activities.

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