Our House system supports students by creating a community within a community and provides an opportunity for students of all ages to develop friendships with other students and staff.

All students and staff are placed in one of the Houses, Cuthbert, Durack, Florey, Hollows and Lingiari. Houses create a spirit of fun, cooperation and comradery through the Inter-House competitions such as carnivals, weekly team events and sports, adding to the vibrancy of school life. Such connections with their peers enable students to develop self-esteem, confidence and maturity. The House System also provides leadership opportunities through the roles of House Captains in Years 6, 9 and 12. 

Achievement, personal excellence and demonstration of the School values are celebrated. All students are able to gain points for their House throughout the year, and in Years 7 – 12 the House Cup is awarded to the winning House annually.