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From the Principal

Welcome to our website. I hope that it provides you with an insight into the various elements of our School.

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools in Western Australia. In its relatively brief history - the School opened in 2000 - the School has developed a distinct identity.

The School aims to provide for its students an academic, cultural and religious environment that offers a wide and engaging range of opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. Our students are very fortunate that such opportunities can be pursued in an outstanding physical setting.

The School is set in the coastal area of northern Perth and students enjoy panoramic vistas of the nearby Indian Ocean. On campus, the School’s facilities continue to develop. At the end of 2009 the School’s multi-purpose Auditorium and Music and Drama Centre, the Allan Shaw Centre, was opened. In 2010 a new Library and Art Studio Building was constructed, this project being made possible by significant financial assistance from the Federal Government. A new Senior School, the Doug Swingler Senior School, was opened in May, 2012. At the start of this year the School will commence construction of a Gymnasium that will be ready for use by students at the end of 2015.

Across each of our Sub-Schools - Primary (K-6), Middle (7-9), Senior (10-12), students and staff work within a distinct pastoral care structure that aims to best meet the needs of their respective students. An important part of the pastoral care system of the School is the development amongst our students of the values of the Anglican tradition, especially respect and compassion for others. All students regularly participate in School Chapel and Holy Communion services. We take pride in seeking to develop a sense of grace and Christian purpose in the lives of our students.

Students participate in a broad range of co-curricular and sporting activities that complement their academic programmes. The School believes that the full and varied involvement of a student best promotes their ability to discover and develop their interests and sensibilities.

Visitors often comment on the sense of purpose and harmony that they experience from observing our School at work. This is a fine reflection of the commitment that the School’s talented staff bring to all their varied activities and the manner and bearing of our students.

It is my hope that the education offered at this School provides its students with opportunities to reach and exceed their academic and personal ambitions. I look forward to welcoming you in person.

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With my best wishes,

B.A.,LL.B, Grad. Dip. Ed., M.Ed.


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