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School Policies and Procedures

The School has a variety of policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a positive and harmonious work and learning environment.

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2017 Information Guide Includes information about term dates, daily times, Anglican vision, history of the School, staff and teachers, School houses, counselling services, discipline and bullying, absences, travelling to School, uniform and personal grooming, ICT policy and computer notebook programme, and homework policy.
Absences & Attendance Students who arrive late to school must report to the relevant Sub-School Reception. Parents are required to notify the School on or before the day of a student’s absence. Should leave be required for a day or more, application should be made by parents (in advance and in writing), to the Associate Principal of Sub-School. At the School we discourage student absence during term time for holidays.
Anglican Vision and Values of our School As a Christian community in the Anglican tradition, the School wishes to engender the following Vision, Values and Beliefs within our students, Staff and wider community: Knowledge and Insight; Equality and Compassion; Integration and Wholeness; Confidence, Competence and Responsibility; Self-worth.
Awards Policy: Student Colours, Honours & Service The School wishes to recognise the outstanding and exceptional achievement of its students in a variety of School activities - Academic, Cultural and Sporting- through enabling students to be awarded Colour and/or Honour Awards for these achievements. The School also wishes to recognise those students who provide outstanding service to the School by the granting of Service Awards.
Assessment Policy - Senior School This Assessment Policy conforms to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) guidelines. It refers to any type of School Assessment for Years 10, 11 and 12. Policy includes responsibility of the School, student and parents/guardians, assessment policy penalties, late submission of assessments and student absence on an assessment day.
Booklist Procedures The School supplier for all year groups is Officemax. Orders can be placed online or in store. The booklists detailing stationery requirements can be found on the Parent Portal.
Bus Etiquitte Information on safety rules and expectations of student behaviour while travelling on a private bus during School excursions and activities.
Cafe The Waves Café is located in the Creative Arts building, opposite the entrance to the Allan Shaw Centre and is used by the whole school. The policy of the Café is to provide a selection of reasonably priced healthy and nutritious foods.
Car Park It is an expectation that all members of the community using the Elliston Parade and Salerno Drive Car Parks follow the guidelines and rules as set out in this policy.
Co-Curricular Consistent with the focus of the School on the needs of the whole person - intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and social, the School offers the opportunity for all students from Year 1 to Year 12 to participate in a range of Co-Curricular activities, with encouragement for older students to continue their involvement. All students from Year 3 to Year 9 must be involved and participate in some form of suitable Co-Curricular activity throughout the School year.
Combination Locks for Year 7-12 Lockers All students from Year 7 to Year 12 are required to purchase a master keyed combination lock from the School with which to lock their locker. This model of combination lock has a master key so that a locker can be opened by the Associate Principal of Sub-School in special circumstances. Due to the master key provision through the spine of the lock they cannot be bought independently; and must be supplied through the School.
Copyright Student guidelines for the use of print resources, websites, sound recordings, digital recordings, podcasts and YouTube videos.
Curriculum - Middle School Middle School student Assessment Policy (including assessment tasks, plagiarism and tests/examinations), Curriculum Overview, and Homework Policy.
Curriculum - Primary School Curriculum overview and Homework Policy for Primary School students.
Curriculum - Senior School Middle School student Assessment Policy (including tasks and in-class assessments, assessments and plagiarism), Curriculum Overview and Homework Policy.
Daily Times Daily class times, supervision before School and supervision after School.
Discipline Policy includes information about consequences for minor misdemeanours or infringements and seniors infringements or repeated infringements, details of the School’s Behaviour Management Plan and Resolution Process.
Dispute & Complaint Resolution Principles and process for disputes and complaints resolution.
Examination Rules and Responsibilities - Senior School Relevant to Senior School students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Policy includes start times, reading time, authorised materials, communication between candidates, late arrival / early finish, end of examination protocols, behaviour, asking questions during examination time, examination materials, examination venue, sickness / absence and calculator guidelines.
Finance Fees and charges are set annually by the School Council and approved by the Anglican Schools’ Commission. School Fee Statements will be mailed out to families prior to the first day of each Term and are payable 14 days from the Statement date, unless there is a Payment Arrangement in place by Direct Debit or Credit Card. The Schedule of Fees and Charges for each year can be found on the website.
Good Standing Policy - Senior School The Good Standing Policy is the Senior School’s approach to discipline, expected standards of student behaviour, School Uniform and personal grooming expectations, the Computer Netbook Programme, the Homework Policy, attendance and punctuality, and other related issues.
Good Standing Policy (Abridged) - Senior School The Good Standing Policy is the Senior School’s approach to discipline, expected standards of student behaviour, School Uniform and personal grooming expectations, the Computer Netbook Programme, the Homework Policy, attendance and punctuality, and other related issues.
Instrumental Music The School’s Instrumental Music programme is open to students of all ages. Professional tutors come into the School and conduct instrumental lessons once a week during School time.
IT Policy Policy includes privacy, storage capacity, prohibited behaviour, illegal copying, system integrity, use of social media, consequences of a breech of policy, and use of software and external devices on the network.
Learning Technology Integration Programme Policy Guide Policy includes information about tablet/laptop computer handover, ownership, hire agreements, costs, software, insurance and warranty claims, and technical support.
Learning Technology Integration Programme User Guide User guide includes information about looking after a tablet/laptop computer, email, security, printers, network, internet, battery, anti-virus software, other software, technical support, Learning Management System (LMS) and using a device in the classroom environment.
Lost Property Named property when found will be returned to its owner. Unnamed and unclaimed property is held at Sub-School Receptions. At the end of each term, unclaimed property is either given to the Uniform Shop for sale or to a charity. It is strongly advised that all items of clothing be labelled clearly.
Medication Procedures The administration of medication for students at school is an important issue that must be managed strictly. Documentation of all administration of medication, action plans, and agreements to perform the necessary functions is required for legal and medical reasons.
Mobile Phone Policy Mobile phone use by students should only be in cases of emergency or genuine need. Breaches of these rules will result in the mobile phone being confiscated and privileges restricted or withdrawn. Confiscated mobile phones will need to be collected from Sub-School Reception by the parent/guardian of the student.
Parents’ & Friends’ Association The Parents’ and Friends’ Association aims to further the educational, social and financial interests of the School. All Committee positions are open for election at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. Committee meetings are held throughout the year. All members are welcome to attend. All parents are expected to contribute their services to the School in such areas as assisting teachers, fund raising and social events.
Privacy This Privacy Policy details how we protect your privacy and how the School complies with the requirements of the Federal Government’s Privacy Act and its 13 Australian Privacy Principles. Policy includes collection, use, storage, security and disclosure of personal information.
Publications & Media The policy provides that images of students may, from time to time, be used for the purpose of publicity and/or marketing of the School in external publications and media coverage authorised by the School.
Social Media Policy The School’s Social Media Policy sets out the Terms of Use for Social Media platforms, including Facebook.
Sun Protection The School’s sun hat policy and sun protection complies with the Cancer Council’s requirements. All students must have their sun hats at school on every school day.
Travelling to and from School Bicycles, scooters or skateboards are not permitted to be used on the School’s campus. Students using bicycles must comply with their legal obligations to wear a helmet. Students are reminded that, as with all personal property, their bicycles, scooters or skateboards are stored at their own risk. Students using public transport are naturally expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner. No cars driven by students to School can be parked on the School premises during the School day.
Uniform Policy School summer, winter and sports uniform requirements and personal grooming expectations (including hair, nails, jewellery and make-up).
Viewing of AV Material Audio Visual material and DVDs are used by both staff and students. Policy outlines classification and School audience.

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