I could say this every term of course, however it truly has been a very big term here at Peter Moyes, commencing with the opening of St Gregory’s Chapel in July and concluding with Year 8 Camp in Week 10. In between we have had the usual assortment of excursions and incursions, including Languages Week, Music Concerts, Drama shows, Athletics Carnivals, Art Exhibitions, Maths Competitions and National Science Week.

A key event during Term Three Calendar was R U OK Day. This day is a very special and important event on our annual calendar. As you may already know R U OK is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, reminding people that having meaningful conversations with mates and loved ones could save lives. This year the event was celebrated on Thursday 12 September.

We were blessed with beautiful weather to recognise R U OK Day and it was wonderful to see so many students engaging with each other over a picnic. My challenge for all students is to make every day R U OK day. Whilst September 12 was a wonderful day, we should always be conscious that our friends, family and colleagues may be struggling, so don’t just wait for R U OK day to check in with those you care about. Make it an ongoing part of your life to be available for those that matter most to you.

Senior Staff News

Next term, the Associate Principal Middle School, Ms Alison Grey, will be taking Long Service Leave and will be covered by Mrs Christine Hiotis. In turn, Mr Ryan Walker will take on Acting Head of Year 9 duties. We also welcome back Mrs Natalie Shaw, Associate Principal Senior School and I thank Mr Drew Hall for his significant contribution over the past term. I also acknowledge Mr Bernie Streeter who has been Acting Head of Department for Health and Physical Education. Mrs Trurina Cook, Head of the Science Department is also returning and I am grateful to Mr Andrew Rasano for taking on the leadership of the Science Department over the past term. In the Primary School, Mrs Kellie Shimmings is also taking Long Service Leave, with Mr Joseph Pini to take on Acting Head of Department duties for the Upper Primary.

Year 12 Valedictory Celebrations

Week 9 was one of mixed emotions as the School farewelled its Graduating Class of 2019. There was joy, sadness, trepidation and excitement, mixed with a feeling of accomplishment. The School said goodbye to the departing Year 12 students with a series of events and I wish to thank and congratulate students for the mature and considered way in which they conducted their Valedictory celebrations.

The week included a Tree Planting Ceremony, High Tea and Valedictory Chapel. These events are fast becoming a rite of passage for our Graduating students and I trust our class of 2019 enjoyed them and will look back fondly in years to come on what was a special week.

A highlight of Week 9 was undoubtedly the Leavers Assembly where we saw a wonderful assortment of student performances and creative costumes. It was clear that this group of students were well organised, not to mention talented and the dancing of the ‘Burlesque Boys’ will be long remembered.

This year, a different approach was used for the Valedictory Assembly, with students presented with a sash embossed with the School crest and the names of their peers. The night was a celebration, marking the end of 14 years of schooling. It was my privilege to speak on behalf of the School to wish the students well and what follows is my address:

Good evening ladies and gentleman, staff and students. It is a great privilege and honour to recognise and thank the 2019 Graduating Class for their contribution to Peter Moyes Anglican Community School.

I wish to welcome the following group of students in particular and ask them to stand as I call out their names:

Rachel Anderson, Lucy Banks, Amy Croker*, Ashlin Duffy*, Aidan Freestone, Alice Hinds, Sophie Hinds, Benjamin Leslie, Julia Manning, Zachary Nicholson, Angelique O’Farrell, Maddison Sbaglia, Amy Vo, Dayonara Waters*, Ellie Walters, Bryce Weeks, Sasha Willett and Sarah Young.

All 18 students commenced at our School in Kindergarten and now graduate together - that deserves both a special welcome and a special round of applause!

Year 12 students, it is undoubtedly a time of mixed emotions as you contemplate the end of your journey as a student here at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. Each of you will have your own PMACS story to tell based on your experiences and memories of events and people encountered along the way. There will be stories of laughter and tears, exhilaration and frustration, success and disappointment, celebration and commiseration. The highs and lows are the inevitable result of putting yourself out there, testing your boundaries, taking calculated risks and making the most of every opportunity that has come your way.

A great adventure awaits you all as you go from the safety of this controlled environment to one where you are far more at liberty to choose your own path. The joys of greater freedom and responsibility await you and I believe that Peter Moyes has prepared you well to take on this challenge and the change of direction in your lives.

When reflecting on what I hope for you, our departing Year 12 Cohort, the words of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, resonated. In 2005 he was speaking to students preparing to commence at Stanford University, when he stated:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

As you depart our School, I implore you to have big dreams and ambitions. School has prepared you to be resilient and equipped you with the grit and determination to succeed and overcome the inevitable knock-backs along the way. It’s easy to feel defeated at times, but view these moments as a challenge from which you can grow and develop.

To the parents of our Year 12 students, I thank you for all that you have done to support your children. You deserve our congratulations for guiding your child to this point, supporting them through all the homework, exams, uniform replacements, social activities and sporting and co-curricular events, not to mention the trials and tribulations of social media and simply being a teenager! We thank you for choosing to send your child to Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. Choosing a school is a big decision for parents. We understand the sacrifices that families make to send their children to our School and we remain ever grateful that you chose to do so. 

The other significant group of people to be thanked and recognised this evening are the School’s staff.  Senior School teachers, led this term by Mr Drew Hall and previously by Mrs Natalie Shaw, have worked tirelessly to assist our Year 12 students, just as their Primary and Middle School colleagues have done in the years beforehand. I also acknowledge the significant contributions of the School’s support and administrative staff.

During the course of their schooling, the majority of students here tonight have established significant and lasting relationships with our staff based on trust and mutual respect. On behalf of all our students, but particularly our departing Year 12 cohort, I thank all of the staff at this school for their patience, kindness, passion, energy and dedication.

Finally, to the graduating class of 2019 assembled here as a cohort for the very last time, please accept our collective thanks for the contributions that you have made to the life and development of Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. No matter how long you have been part of this community, whether it has been 14 years or 14 months, you have embraced it and in turn have been embraced by it. You are and always will be a part of the PMACS Community.

We are so proud of what you have achieved. As you begin a new chapter in your lives, know that you go with the blessings and best wishes of our entire community. And while we say farewell, it is not goodbye. We hope that you will remain in contact with us through the Alumni Association or simply by visiting us from time to time. Please remember that we are, and always will be here, to support you, even if we lose sight of you. Rest assured that if you ever find yourself in trouble, we will do what we can to help you. You will always be part of this School Community.

In concluding, I congratulate all Year 12 students on making it this far! I am sure your parents will attest that it has been a long, but worthwhile journey, even if some here tonight thought this day might never come!

I hope you realise that the School community will miss you and know that we are sad to see you go. But as one chapter concludes, so the next exciting chapter begins. We send you off with every confidence that you will make the most of life’s opportunities. Go with our best wishes and stay true to our motto, to Act Justly and honour God, wherever the road may take you!

Holidays and Exams

At the time of writing, Year 12 mock exams were well underway. The finishing line is fast approaching and it is my hope that our Year 12 students can maintain their focus for just a little bit longer to ensure they have the best chance of success throughout the exam period.

To all other students, I extend my sincere thanks for the contributions you make on a daily basis. You truly make Peter Moyes Anglican Community School a wonderful place to teach and to learn.

In concluding, I would like to wish all families a restful school holiday break and I look forward to a productive Term 4 as we head towards the festive season.

Every Blessing.

Benjamin Lomas