Peter Moyes Anglican Community School have purchased a subscription to MyFuture. MyFuture is Australia‚Äôs national online career information and exploration service that assists career planning, career pathways and work transitions. MyFuture provides information and support for career development for individuals, and for those who support or influence career choices. As part of our subscription you can use your Schools email address to set up an account. Follow the steps below to use this resource.

Step 1: 

Sign up

Please sign up at using your School email address.

Step 2: 

There are many features that you can use within this website (see image below). In conjunction with the Schools Subject Selection Handbook and procedures, we strongly suggest you use one of the following two options, to assist you with your career and subject selection preparation. All Year 10 students will complete this activity prior to a one on one career interview.

Option 1: Select "My career profile" to "Start the quiz"

1.    Complete all "My career profile" quiz questions to find results and "Suggested Occupations".

2.   Select 3 jobs that you find interesting from the "Suggested Occupations" tab and enter them into the Peter Moyes MyFuture Online Form.

Option 2: Career bullseyes

1.    Select "Career bullseyes" tab to begin

2.    Select a subject/subject area you are interested in, like or are good at to view jobs related to that area.

3.    Find 3 jobs that you find interesting from the "Suggested Occupations" and enter them into the Peter Moyes MyFuture Online Form.

Step 3: 

Peter Moyes MyFuture Online Form

1.    Once you have found 3 jobs of interest, enter the Job Name, Qualification, and Learning Area/Subjects required into the Peter Moyes MyFuture Online Form for all 3 jobs and press submit.

Please find video explanations below;

My Future Sign Up

My Future Career Profile

My Future Career Bullseyes

My Future Online Form

Step 4:

Subject Selections will open shortly after this activity has been completed. More information will be provided by the School. 

To complete more research for ATAR or General pathway regarding specific Bachelors or Certificates use the following links;




Virtual Careers EXPO (multiple training providers):