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Co-Curricular Programme

Our Co-curricular programme offers students the chance to experience skills and activities in areas that are not within curriculum subjects. Students are encouraged to extend their learning by focusing on individual needs and interests. There are many benefits of Co-curricular activities, including enhancing the sense of community in our staff and students.

We are very proud of the outstanding Co-curricular programme on offer at Peter Moyes. Our comprehensive programme offers a rich range of sporting activities, musical, dramatic, community service, recreational, outdoor pursuits and academic enrichment activities.

It is compulsory for all students from Years 3 to 9 to be enrolled in a Co-curricular activity, either in the School programme or an activity outside the School. For students in Years 10 to 12 participation is voluntary.

We offer students a wide range of Co-curricular activities which run before, during or after School throughout the calendar School year. The programme:

  • Activities are varied to allow students to explore new pursuits in a safe, caring and supportive setting.
  • Presents students with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
  • Provides opportunities for exhibitions and performances within the areas of visual arts, drama, music, and dance both within and outside the School.
  • Fosters student participation in interschool sporting competitions.
  • Contributes to the holistic development of students through maintaining a wide variety of cultural, spiritual, social, sporting and artistic pursuits.
  • Ensures the range of activities on offer are inclusive as they are varied in type, cost, location and delivery. 

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